01 08/11

Everdry Complaints

Everdry Waterproofing cold called my house one evening, and started going on and on about when it rains, do I notice the water more on the walls or floor in the basement?  My first reaction was shut the hell up and why are you bothering me?!?!?  I gave them the priviledge to come and see my basement on a Saturday morning, since I did notice some water seepage here and there when it would really come down!  So, on a Saturday morning, a sales reprensentative came over and started looking at my basement, and told me, “Wow, you got some real damage here, and to do this right, it was going to cost $12,500.00!!!!!!!!  $12,500.00 to fix my basement that when it rains super hard, I get a little amount of water seepage?!?!?!?!  I said HELL NO, then he started going into we have finance options and we can work on a payment plan for you, or we can come back when you have the money, and I just said that we were done, and thanked him.  Later that week, it started raining alot, alot, and I started talking to my friends about waterprofing, and Everdry Waterproofing came up almost everytime I talked to neighbors, family, and friends.  All I ever heard was good things about their company… So I called them back and asked for the same gentleman who came out the first time, and when he arrived he greeted me with kindness and professionalism and told me that we could check to seee if the basement got better or worse and then we could see what they could do for me.  I ended up getting more and more water since the week he originally came out and I ended up signing a contract with them to get my basement waterproofed.  A few weeks later, the crew came out and there was approximately 5 or 6 gentlemen who walked me through exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it.  The crew was spot on even though they ran into a few issues with my trees and bushes on the side of the house, but I was very happy with the whole process!  The crew cleaned up everything to better than the basement was before, and the foreman walked me inside and outside to check out all their work.  I was very satisified with it, and they told me if I ever need anything, to call the office or email them, so I finally.  I finally emailed them 5 years later when it was raining cats and dogs and all my neighbors were buying sump pumps, backup pumps, and cutting their carpets out and throwing them away.  I, however emailed them to thank them and tell them they should call people on my block because I did not get one drop in my basement, but many of my neighbors flooded!  I am a very proud Everdry customer for 7 years now.


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